Ocean Driven

A day that changed big wave surfing

Ocean Driven, a tale of overcoming obstacles as well as your own fears, inspiring viewers to never give up and lose sight of their dreams.

Special thanks to all of you that we've worked with,
and to those who've offered extra help along the way!

The National Film and Video Foundation, South Africa
Fixer Film
Jeff Clark
Bruce Macdonald
Jason Murray
Nancy & Alan Zakon
Bryan & Robin Jacobson
Kristen Cashman
Andrei Borysenko
Powerlines Productions
Impact Media
Obscura Digital
Sachi Cunningham
Grant Washburn
Alex Bootsma
Clay Hawkins
Keith Graves
Catherine Lewis
Brandon Lima
The Mermen
The Rio Theatre
Jim Clark, Deja Vu Video
Chris Renfer, Pangea Studios
Randall White
Good Times, Santa Cruz
The Sentinel, Santa Cruz
Elyse Destout
Carole Dean, From The Heart Productions
Silvin Morgan
Aqua Surfshop
Blown Out Wet Suit Repairs
Play It again Sports
Conscious Creations
Zig Zag Surfing Magazine, Cape Town
Thomas Conneely
Mark & Natalie Glovsky
Shakira Parker - Steed & EPIC Electronic Hub
Envision Media
Pono Hawaiian Grill

Extra thanks to the Hotel Paradox