Ocean Driven

A day that changed big wave surfing

Ocean Driven, a tale of overcoming obstacles as well as your own fears, inspiring viewers to never give up and lose sight of their dreams.

About the film



In this thrilling story about passion and resilience, meet a South African ocean maverick who takes on impossible challenges in giant waves.

Ocean Driven explores the life of big wave surfing champion Chris Bertish, inspiring the world with his journey and unearthing the keys to his success. From South Africa's coast to surf breaks around the world, Bertish chronicled his unsponsored odyssey over a period of 15 years as he grew into a highly skilled and fearless waterman. Bertish was at the forefront of big wave surfing, and a pioneer of paddling into larger waves. This is a real and gritty film full of authentic footage shot during the start of a new era in surfing, leading up to 2010, when minutes after nearly drowning, Bertish took the world by storm in the biggest waves ever paddled into and surfed at the Mavericks Big Wave Invitational Event in Half Moon Bay, CA. The film features interviews with big wave legends and ocean specialists. Exploring the raw, rugged coastline of South Africa and its unique influence on the people who live there, this film goes further than previous surf documentaries, with an intricate storyline, drama and messages along the way. The film exposes viewers to the wonders of the ocean, showcasing a mix of geographic locations and seascapes, from South Africa to Hawaii and from Fiji to Mexico. The story is told with poetic and dramatic visual elements, state-of-the-art sound, and lush music.


Chris Bertish
Conn Bertish
Greg Bertish
Hanli Prinsloo
Jeff Clark
Carlos Burle
Clark Abbey
Kelly Slater
Greg Long
Gary Linden
Tom Bulow
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