Ocean Driven

A day that changed big wave surfing

Ocean Driven, a tale of overcoming obstacles as well as your own fears, inspiring viewers to never give up and lose sight of their dreams.



Adrian Charles
Nadia Tarlow
Chris Bertish


Fixer Film
Aurelia Productions


Sean Dewil


Richard Moerdyk
Chris Bertish

Main Editors:

Francis Battaglia
Dan Clayton
Luke Williamson

Off-Line Editor:

Angeline Hayler

Exec producer:

Bruce MacDonald

Copy Editor:

Kristen Cashman


Sandra Stokes
Bruce MacDonald
Grant Washburn
Chris Jenkins


Andy Davis
Sean Dewil
Nadia Tarlow
Chris Bertish


Silvin Morgan
Francis Battaglia
Nadia Tarlow
Chris Bertish
Adrian Charles


Chris Bertish


Francis Battaglia


Siyethemba Msomi


Clay Hawkins
The Mermen
Toubab Krewe
Johnny Clegg & Juluka
The Hallway Ballers
And more...


Triplane Productions


Diona Kindo


Andy Davis is a Cape Town based writer, editor, journalist, magazine owner, and publisher. Davis's own publication, the youth-orientated Mahala magazine and website was started in his youth, as an orientated content marketing outfit that became Jingo. He worked on projects for FNB, Levi's and Red Bull, in-between surfing and freelance gigs for the Sunday Times Travel, the Mail & Guardian and ZigZag Magazine, which he now owns and writes for. Davis says the cultural space in South Africa has definitely been under-reported while local underground culture stayed off the mainstream media's radar. Mahala/Jingo aims to be a critical voice of SA youth culture - its content moves beyond the 'local is lekker' mantra to something much more authentic, critical and entertaining. Davis describes the magazine as post-racial and its readers as the first generation representing a truly integrated segment of the population. Brands such as Puma, Red Bull, 8ta and Billabong have all signed. Davis is considering initiatives to ring-fence editorial content with his brave, independent magazine, a product of passion and guts and editorially far beyond any youth culture magazine SA has seen before. Davis studied and followed Chris Bertish’s mission closely and wrote two Award Winning articles about Chris’ big wave odyssey in 2000 and in 2010.

Fixer's Editor Dan Clayton has been editing for 10 years on a vast genre of shows, documentaries etc. ranging from the likes of MNETS “Carte Blanche” to the more “MTV” style of “Goal Diggerz “and “Mzanzi Ridez”. Seasonal TV is Dan’s forte and he brings a young, modern, fresh view to the team and is focused on keeping his style up to date with international standards and is not shy to start his own trends. Dan has a brilliant grasp on what makes good entertaining TV always pushing the envelope to get the best results from an edit. His edit skills are highly regarded among the producers and directors that work with him regularly. His ability to transform and adapt the edit per the clients needs, displays his true love of motion picture. Ready to embrace the ever-changing world of software and hardware he is passionate about having the latest and the greatest!  Another tech-head and gadget freak, Dan loves his work and it shows.